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On September 17, 2013, over 500 healthcare consumers and clinicians attended Connecticut’s first patient engagement conference, Better Health:  Everyone’s Responsibility.  Hosted by CT Partners for Health, this educational forum provided insights and resources from local, national and international experts to encourage the audience to take a much more active role in their health and in their healthcare.

Better Health Conf

“Never in all my travels have I seen such an inspiring and educational consumer-focused event.  It felt like the vision of patient-centered care coming alive before my eyes.” -Keynote Speaker “e-Patient Dave” deBronkart

The Better Health:  Everyone’s Responsibility Conference featured informative health sessions on topics including medication management, effective patient-provider communication, advance care planning, patient engagement through technology, patient-centered care, and what the Affordable Care Act means for Connecticut Residents.  All sessions contributed to defining the overarching goals of patient engagement:  improved care quality, enhanced patient healthcare and safety outcomes and cost-effectiveness.

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