Speaker’s Bureau

Connecticut Partners for Health member organizations offer free presentations for your community,  organization or group.

Speakers are scheduled as available, on a first-come basis. Our Speaker’s Bureau is designed to respond to the growing interests of our communities, in everything from health literacy, to patient rights and electronic health information. Click on any topic area for a list of CT Partners for Health member organization speakers.

In order to provide sufficient time to search for an appropriate speaker, please submit your request 6–8 weeks prior to the date of the event.

Health Literacy
Understanding Your Health Information
Medical words can often be confusing. This program will help you to understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.
managing your health
Managing Your Own Health
Take charge of your healthcare and learn how to work with your doctor.  Be more satisfied and see positive results.
healthcare technology
Healthcare Technology
It’s not just about the technology! Discover how the rapidly developing use of technology in all aspects of healthcare can facilitate better health outcomes. Technology solutions span the healthcare spectrum that includes patients, providers, social services and large hospital and healthcare systems.
end of life
End of Life Decision Making
Learn about end of life care options, decision making and how to talk to your loves ones. Learn more.
health insurance
Health Insurance 101
Find out about the basics of health insurance. Learn more.
Caregiving may be one of the most important and complicated roles you will ever take on in your life. Learn about the changing dynamic of caregiving, resources, and laws that will help make the journey more manageable for you and your loved one. Learn more.
 patient rights
Patient Rights
Do you know and understand your rights as a patient? When hospitalized or under medical care, you are in a vulnerable position. A thorough knowledge of your rights to, for example, refuse a treatment option you don’t want, or being provided with necessary health services can help you to make informed choices and to be your own advocate. Learn more.
How to talk to your dr
How To Talk To Your Doctor
Take an active role in your health care by talking to your doctor. Good communication between you and your physician can help you make smart choices about your health. Learn more.
mental health parity
Mental Health Parity
Did you know that there are federal and state laws that require your health insurance plan to cover mental health and substance abuse the same way it covers other health conditions?  Find out what health plans are required to cover. Learn more.
transitions of care
Transitions of Care
Learn about how to make sure that all important information is communicated to all of the healthcare providers that take care of the same person. Learn more.


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